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Italcontrol: test benches for calibration and testing of industrial valves

The prevention, control and detection of emission is one of the main goals when it comes to safety in valveā€™s manufacturers that ensuring the reliability and safety of the plant where they are installed.

Italcontrol, an Italian manufacturer with experience dating back to the beginning of the 90s in the field of valve testing and calibration, is able to offer one of the most complete lines of high quality test bench units and special equipments for industrial valves and actuator testing and control as well as special design for all shut-off, control and safety valves according to the existing standards.

The various kind of specialized works carried out and problems solved, together with advanced product development and research into any new technology and solution allows Italcontrol to also offer highly specialized testing systems for extremely high hydraulic and pneumatic pressures.

Italcontrol believes every product needs its own test bench, different requirements or special tests that could be on the norm and has made customized solutions one of his strong points.

In cooperation with his clients Italcontrol builds test bench units and special equipments but it is among the most advanced in the world. Present on all 5 continents through Agents and/or Distributors, Italcontrol is one of the major manufacturers of testing system on the market and his made in Italy style is also a synonymous with quality and efficiency.

Italcontrol commitment to his customers is to provide them with the highest quality customized products for any specific need satisfying their own technical specification!