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Valve grinder and lapping equipment

Italcontrol portable valve lapping tools provide a cost-effective solution for repairing and reconditioning valves on-site. These valve lapping machines are designed to repair and re-ground leaking valves in-situ, thus minimising downtime and production loss. As there is no need to remove the defective valves from the pipeline, there is a signification reduction in labour costs.
As a rule, control and reduction valves of the globe type have an integrated plug that narrowly constrains the tolerances for the seat position.
In the event of damage to the seat, it is often unfeasible or extremely expensive to dismantle the valve from the pipe system in order to repair it in the workshop. If the damage is to be repaired in situ, the device to be used must be of stable construction without being bulky or heavy. As these valves show a large range of dimensional variation, the repair device must be adaptable to the largest possible mounting and seat area. Possible repairs include the grinding of gasket surfaces damaged by crushing or abrasion, of damage cylindrical a plane control areas, various treatments of gasket welds and cutting the seats in situ.